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Automated Motor Control Center               Customized AVRs                            Low Voltage Switchboards                Softstarter Cascade       


          Utility SCADA System                              Mobile Motor Control Center                     Substation Installations              Protection Relay Migration
Recloser Installation/Commissioning               Variable Speed Drive Controllers                 OEM Control Retrofitting              Generator Sychronizing Panels

      Electronic Motor Starters                          Medium Voltage Switchgears                    Remote Flowmeters                                          Mobile MCCs















* Electrical Engineering Design & Implementation

*Process Automation Design, Programming & Implementation

*Motor Control Center Assembly and Commissioning

*Industrial Controls Troubleshooting

*Control Migration and Upgrading

*Generator Synchronization

*Electrical Protection Audit and Coordination Study

*Automation, Motor Starters and SCADA training

*Protection Relay Parameter Setting

*PLC and HMI Programming

*Breaker and Control Retrofitting

*Switchgear Assembly

*Energy Saving Audit and Implementation

*Generator Synchronizing Panel Assembly

*Hard to Find Products Outsourcing

*Automatic Transfer Switch Assembly

*Thermo scanning

*Substation Installation

*Maintenance Contracts

*Vehicle Tracking System Implementation

*Utility SCADA